Aug 30

NCD Technical Working Group Meets in Honolulu

NCD Technical Working Group Meets in Honolulu

The NCD Surveillance Technical Working Group (TWG) was formed in response to the PIHOA NCD Emergency Declaration of April, 2010 which calls for a vigorous policy response guided by clear, accurate and referenced data on NCDs and their impact, effectively integrated with other regional, national and local NCD policies and plans, and providing benchmarks for ending the Regional State of Health Emergency.1 Further specific guidance was provided in the Regional NCD Response Road Map developed by PIHOA members, partners and affiliate groups during the 51st PIHOA Meeting held in Hawaii in November, 2011.2 The Road Map endorsed a focus of the response upon four major NCD disease categories (cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and chronic lung disease) and their four major risk factors (tobacco use, unhealthy alcohol use, unhealthy diets and physical inactivity). It also called for directing particular attention to youth.

The mission of the TWG has been to make recommendations to PIHOA members, affiliates and partners for the creation of a functional NCD surveillance system with a minimum of delay which is sufficient for guiding NCD response at the regional and jurisdiction levels.

The Report of the NCD Surveillance Technical Working Group, developed in Honolulu, Hawaii from May 24 to May 25, 2012, is available below.

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Dr. Durand provides technical assistance and leadership to the PIHOA in areas related to Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement and Health Information Systems. He has worked extensively in health agencies throughout the USAPI in areas such as health workforce planning and development, development of disease surveillance systems, health information systems, strategic planning for health agencies, and quality assurance program development.     » More About A. Mark...