Apr 9

Yap & Chuuk Typhoon Maysak Disaster Relief Fund

Yap & Chuuk Typhoon Maysak Disaster Relief Fund

Dear Pacific Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the PIHOA Board President, Dr. Vita Skilling, we’re kindly requesting your support and to further distribute the attached flyer requesting charitable and other donations to support disaster relief efforts in the devastated islands of Yap and Chuuk after the recent hit by Typhoon Maysak. Relief efforts are underway from a number of sectors and relief agencies, but additional resources are still needed and are welcome. Re-building destroyed/damaged public infrastructure (schools and clinics), land crops, and homes will take time even after immediate relief efforts are provided.

As a matter of urgency, there is a request for pediatric dietary supplements and hydration kits, water containers, tents, blankets, sleeping bags, coolers (for food storage), and other personal items to maintain hygiene and sanitation.

The FSM greatly welcomes any support that can be provided.

As PIHOA is a IRS 501(c)3, charitable and other donations through PIHOA for the FSM can be tax deductible.

For more information please contact Billie Hiraishi, PIHOA Communications Officer at (808) 537-3131 or billieh@pihoa.org

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