HIMS Resources and Tools

The following resources and tools have been made available to assist with the development, maintenance and improvmement of health information management systems.

The PIHOA Health Information Technology Contract Review Service

Non-bidding IT consultants are provided to review proposed IT project contracts and give health agencies managers technical advice regarding whether the project description makes good sense, “red flag” provisions to get rid of, additional provisions to better define deliverables, suggested safeguards to assure better results, whether costs are reasonable. Requests to: durand@pihoa.org.

Health Information System Assessment and Planning Frameworks and Tools

  1. Health Metrics Network Framework (HMN)
  2. Pacific Rapid Assessment and Strategic Planning Process Tool
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  3. Performance of Routine Information System Management Framework (PRISM)

Health Information Systems Short Course

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Pacific Open Learning Health Network

Cause of Death Self-Study Web-Based Training Modules for Physicians

Accurate vital statistics regarding causes of death depends upon accurate determination of cause by physicians. Free, web-based training modules are available from Hawaii state (http://cod.doh.hawaii.gov) and from WHO (http://apps.who.int/classifications/apps/icd/ICD10Training/)

Pacific Health Information Network / University of Queensland HI

Based at the University of Queensland HIS Knowledge Hub, the PHIN gathers and produces a variety of resources such as agency health information management policies, examples of health agency data dictionaries, and training materials that are useful for developing health information systems in the Pacific islands.

See http://www.phinnetwork.org/ and http://www.uq.edu.au/hishub/index.html

USAPI NCD Surveillance Framework and Tools

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USAPI NCD Dashboard Template

The dashboard can be used to show current status of the NCD epidemic in a Pacific island jurisdiction together with the status of enactment of essential NCD policy interventions. It is designed to provide a clear picture of the current situation and the measures that need to be taken to control NCDs in the Pacific. The target audience is policy makers and community coalition members. The Sample NCD Dashboard Template can be used to display information from a Pacific jurisdiction. The Guam NCD Dashboard shows one adaptation of this template.

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PIHOA's Calendar

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