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Quality Improvement and Performance Management Officers

Quality Improvement and Performance Management Officers 2011

Effective quality assurance and improvement (QA/QI) programs are the soil in which the seeds of education grow and bear fruit. They are foundational for effective patient care and will be playing an increasing larger role in combatting the epidemic of non-communicable diseases experienced in the USAPI.

QA/QI is also essential in the development and retention of the health workforce. For the USAPI, this 'secondary' role is critical: Since most health professional training occurs in country and on the job, it is essential to have effective systems that promote best practices and provide feedback and benchmarks for professional development, as well as support quality patient care.

We invite you to review the following background presentations and documents to acquaint yourself with Quality & Performance literature, or to further explore the resources provided below.

Quality & Performance Background Documents

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Resources & Tools

These resources and tools have been made available to assist with the development of quality assurance, quality improvement, and performance management.

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Pacific Islands Quality and Performance Literature

A selection of relevant literature on Pacific Islands Quality and Performance.

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Past PIHOA/APNLC QI-PM Workshops

Documentation from previous PIHOA and APNLC quality improvement and performance management workshops.

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PIHOA's Calendar

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