In response to several requests from each USAPI jurisdiction, we have created a Pacific Islands Clinical Training Course. The purpose of this course is to provide state-of-the-art clinical training to the USAPI, provided by lecturers with grounded COVID-19 experience. While there are other clinical training opportunities that are posted online, this course is directed at optimizing COVID-19 care and improving outcomes in resource-limited areas. The courses will strongly encourage an interactive format with ample time for questions and discussion.

Purpose: Improve the capacity for clinical care for COVID-19 cases across the spectrum of this disease. Support updated best practices for hospital and off-site medical units. Support cohort wards and minimize PPE and staff exposure.

Scope: Deliver a series of clinical training sessions for Pacific Island clinicians and nurses from each island hospital. Initially planned for four sessions, but the course has currently expanded to eight sessions and may be further expanded depending upon needs.

Format: Weekly 90-minute Zoom call. Each session includes a 30-minute presentation with slides followed by 15 minutes for questions and answers. 

Schedule: Friday mornings at 8 am (Guam time). 

Presentations: Each talk is exceptionally grounded with appropriate situational translation. Strong preference is given to those lecturers who are actively providing direct care to COVID-19 cases. 

Clinical Training Course Schedule

Week Seven – July 30 (EST)/July 31 (GUM)

USAPI COVID-19 Clinical Training Course Recording – Week 7

Vaccines Target COVID-19 – Dr. Axel Lehrer

Lab Update – Dr. Owen Chan (Coming Soon)