USAPI COVID-19 Response

Since the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak was declared a public health emergency by United States authorities in January 2020, PIHOA has been working with the Departments and Ministries of Health in the USAPIs as well as US federal, regional, and international partners to share the latest evidence, prepare for and respond to COVID-19.

This includes tracking the pandemic, advising on critical interventions, coordinating with a wide range of partners, deploying subject matter experts, conducting online clinical training, information dissemination and communication support, and procuring, and shipping diagnostics and personal protective equipment.

USAPI Regional COVID-19 Situation Reports

2020 USAPI COVID-19 Sitreps

December 2020

USAPI COVID-19 updates 12.7.20-12.11.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 12.14.20-12.18.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 12.21.20-12.25.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 12.28.20-1.1.20


November 2020

USAPI COVID-19 updates 11.9.20-11.13.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 11.16.20-11.20.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 11.30.20-12.4.20


October 2020

USAPI COVID-19 updates 10.4.20-10.9.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 10.12.20-10.16.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 10.19.20-10.23.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 10.26.20-10.30.20


September 2020

USAPI COVID-19 updates 9.7.20-9.11.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 9.14.20-9.18.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 9.21.20-9.25.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 9.28.20-10.2.20


August 2020

USAPI COVID-19 updates 8.3.20-8.7.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 8.10.20-8.14.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 8.17.20-8.21.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 8.24.20-8.28.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 8.31.20-9.4.20


July 2020

USAPI COVID-19 updates 7.6.20-7.10.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 7.13.20-7.17.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 7.20.20-7.24.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 7.27.20-7.31.20


June 2020

USAPI COVID-19 updates 6.1.20-6.5.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 6.8.20-6.12.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 6.15.20-6.19.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 6.22.20-6.26.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 6.29.20-7.3.20

May 2020

USAPI COVID-19 updates 5.4.20-5.8.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 5.11.20-5.15.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 5.18.20-5.22.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 5.25.20-5.29.20


April 2020

USAPI COVID-19 updates 4.6.20-4.10.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 4.13.2-4.17.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 4.20.20-4.24.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 4.27.20-5.1.20


March 2020

USAPI COVID-19 updates 3.23.20-3.27.20

USAPI COVID-19 updates 3.30.20-4.3.20

COVID-19 Zoom Calls

PIHOA continues to coordinate, host, and facilitate weekly one-on-one USAPI COVID-19 zoom calls with all 10 USAPI health agencies. The weekly USAPI regional partner coordination calls are also hosted and facilitated by PIHOA. As needed, PIHOA also provides administrative support to the CDC’s weekly USAPI COVID-19 Response zoom calls.

Laboratory and Procurement

Laboratory and procurement support for COVID-19 public health surveillance and diagnostic testing include GeneXpert, Abbott ID NOW, Abbott Binax NOW (WHO, CDC IRR, HHS), and other ancillary lab supply procurement and distribution; testing training, QA/QC, validation, and inventory management, monthly Association of USAPI Laboratory Managers virtual meetings to review, update and troubleshoot lab testing strategies and approaches; management of regional reserve of GeneXpert kits to support repatriation testing in Honolulu and other unforeseen events, and laboratory staff deployment to the Guam Public Health Laboratory.

Medical and Other Surge Support

Medical and other surge support provided includes the procurement and shipment of ventilator and oxygen management supplies; Biomed support; disseminating guidance and best-practices for the set-up of isolation facilities and development of protocols; clinical training information dissemination and coordination with partners; and medical surge personnel recruitment in the RMI, on-site lab support in Guam and Pohnpei, on-site administrative support in American Samoa, and on-site Pacific Public Health Fellowship Program support for the vaccine roll-out in Tinian, CNMI.

Partner Engagement

PIHOA continues to work closely with US federal, regional, and international partners on COVID-19 response efforts in the USAPIs. Partner engagement efforts include exchanging the most updated COVID-19 information, maximizing and utilizing shared resources, and collaborating on COVID-19 advocacy efforts.  

PIHOA is active and continues to participate on the WHO Pacific Joint COVID-19 Incident Management Team, CDC STLTS COVID-19 Partner Group, White House COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force, ASTHO Insular Area Policy Sub-Committee, and the HHS/WH R9 COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force.

USAPI Departments and Ministries of Health

For daily COVID-19 updates from the USAPI Departments and Ministries of Health, check out their websites and Facebook pages. Get connected!

American Samoa Department of Health


CNMI Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation

FSM Department of Health and Social Affairs

Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services

Palau Ministry of Health and Human Services

RMI Ministry of Health and Human Services

Chuuk State, FSM

Kosrae State, FSM

Pohnpei State, FSM

Yap State, FSM