Initiatives and Strategic Priorities


PIHOA’s regional initiatives cover a broad spectrum of health issues relevant to the needs and context of the USAPIs, and are directed and guided by the PIHOA Board of Directors and organizational mandates.  PIHOA’s key regional and institutional priorities are outlined in PIHOA’s Strategic Plan 2013-17, and reiterated again in the recently endorsed PIHOA Strategic Framework for Action 2018-22 that will guide PIHOA’s strategic direction for the next five years.

PIHOA’s Secretariat is currently tasked to support the following regional priority initiatives:

  1. Health Information Management Systems and Surveillance
  2. Human Resources for Health
  3. Performance Management and Quality Improvement
  4. Laboratory Strengthening
  5. Regional Policy, Advocacy and Engagement
  6. Health Leadership
  7. Health Security – Preparedness and Response

PIHOA espouses the core values of the Pacific Healthy Islands Vision where:

  1. Children are nurtured in body and mind;
  2. Environments invite learning and leisure;
  3. People work and age with dignity;
  4. Ecological balance is a source of pride; and
  5. The ocean that protects us is sustained.