Wednesday, August 3, 2022 (Saipan, CNMI) – The 2022 Non-Communicable Disease Summit sponsored by the CNMI Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation was held in Saipan last week. The summit featured presentations, panel discussions, and working sessions on developing solutions and interventions for cancer prevention and health equity in the CNMI. The summit ended with the unveiling of a Resolution Commitment that recommended policies to reduce unhealthy behaviors such as sugar-sweetened beverage consumption and betel nut and tobacco chewing and promote healthy behaviors like physical activity and cancer screening. The Resolution Commitment was signed by all attendees, including members of the CNMI Congress. PIHOA Pacific Public Health Fellowship Program (PPHFP) Host Site Supervisor, Amber Mendiola, led the coordination of the summit. PPHFP Fellow, Eloise Lopez, led the physical activity icebreakers, and PIHOA PPHFP Manager, Dr. Yvette Paulino, presented and facilitated breakout sessions.

PIHOA Pacific Public Health Fellowship Program