Health Information Management Systems and Surveillance 


The ability of health agencies to collect, analyze, and make effective use of health information is critical to the success of health agency functions.¬†PIHOA’s Regional HIMS Initiative aims to assist member jurisdictions to improve the collection and use of data for planning and decision-making processes across a variety of domains, including but not limited to: vital statistics, community-based surveys, medical records, including electronic health records (EHRs), disease registries, administrative data and IT networks.¬† This initiative was established by the PIHOA Board in 2010 and continues to be an integral aspect of PIHOA’s on-going work.

Current Activities

Current efforts are focused on: 1) supporting and administering the USAPI NCD Core Monitoring and Surveillance and Monitoring Framework, including on-going technical support to USAPI health agencies to develop and implement their national/state-level NCD Monitoring and Evaluation Plans, Annual NCD Profiles, and NCD Data Dashboards, and conduct national NCD Hybrid Surveys ; 2) delivery of the joint SPC-PIHOA-FNU-CDC Strengthening Health Interventions in the Pacific (SHIP) program comprised of Tier 1 Data for Decision-Making (DDM) Training Program (Post-Graduate Certificate Epidemiology Technician); Tier 2 Operational Research (Post-Graduate Diploma in Applied Epidemiology); and Tier 3 Master’s in Applied¬† Epidemiology; 3) technical support for EHR/HIMS readiness and expansion; and 4) technical support to USAPI federally-qualified community health centers (CHCs) to set up/enhance systems and processes for improved reporting against Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)-required Unified Data Sets (UDS).

In March 2015, PIHOA members endorsed the establishment of the Regional Epidemiology Unit (REU) comprised of PIHOA staff Epidemiologists and CDC Field Epidemiologists co-located with PIHOA, who work collectively to strengthen regional and jurisdiction-level surveillance and epidemiological capacities, systems and processes for NCDs, communicable diseases, and other emerging, outbreak-prone diseases of public health significance (e.g. Zika).

Contact Information

Dr. Gillian Dunn, MPH, DrPH

Health Information and Management Systems and Surveillance Coordinator


Telephone: 808-537-3131

Address: PIHOA Honolulu Office

733 Bishop St, Suite 1820

Honolulu, HI 96813