September 23, 2021 (Tafuna, American Samoa) – PIHOA is looking for two qualified and experienced Microbiologists to support the American Samoa Department of Health’s COVID-19 preparedness and response lab-based public health screening and diagnostic testing needs.


PIHOA is seeking a qualified and experienced microbiologist, with fundamental knowledge work experience in laboratory testing to support American Samoa’s COVID-19 response and preparedness lab-based public health screening and diagnostic testing needs. Must be familiar with moderately complex microbiology testing methods. This position will be located in the U.S. Territory of American Samoa, Department of Public Health Tafuna Laboratory. 
Major duties and responsibilities:  
  1. Perform moderately complex testing as assigned as well as standard EIA, MAC ELISA, PCR testing and similar laboratory tests on various specimens.
  2. Familiar and experience with the following equipment and testing tools; Cepheid GeneXpert, Applied Biosystem ABI 7500, Biotek Microplate reader and washer, BioFire Film Array, Vitek-2 compact system, microcentrifuge/centrifuge, biosafety cabinet/fume hoods, rotators/incubators, pipettes, microwell washer, autoclave/sterilizer, dry/water baths, microscope, IEC Centra-W cell washer, refrigerated centrifuge, Ziel Neilsen AFB stain and phlebotomy equipment (needles, adaptor).
  3. Implement quality control, preventive maintenance on all test reagents, instruments, and equipment used in Molecular Microbiology, Bacteriology, and/or Mycobacteriology department.
  4. Render special blood and spinal fluid microbiological analysis and other required studies. Perform Molecular diagnostic testing. Manually record all patient information in Microbiology test worksheets.
  5. Assist in guiding other laboratory staff in the use of equipment and performance of microbiology analysis. Provide support in all duties of the alternate technologist assign in PCR/Bioterrorism (BT) laboratory in the absence of the primary staff assigned to this department or during busy periods.
  6. Make assessments of body fluids and exudates. Performs other microbiological examinations and analyzes/interprets data pertaining to microbiological studies. Participates in laboratory research.
  7. Assist in setting up laboratory equipment/experiments, maintains workspace, performs minor maintenance work equipment, performs proficiency testing in the department assigned, and submit results to the medical director for review and submission.
  8. Perform an inventory of supplies in the department assigned, prepare supply orders, receives supply orders, and follow up with vendors.
  9. Conduct testing for Hansen’s disease, Gram stain, culture and sensitivity, AFB smear and culture, Neisseria, Salmonella, Shigella, Vibrio, Chlamydia/GC. GC culture, Influenza, Dengue, Leptospira, and other testing.
  10. Discard used patient specimens, supplies, and other biohazard wastes following laboratory safety protocol, autoclave and dispose of autoclaved wastes. Disinfect, clean, and organize work area.
  11. Perform additional related duties as assigned, not limited to providing back-up work in other laboratory departments as needed, practices Biosafety in handling and IATA certified shipping of infectious agent specimens to CDC.
  • Education: Minimum of a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology, Microbiology, or other health related field from an accredited academic institution.
  • Experience: Experience working in a laboratory and basic microbiology training and knowledge.
  • Knowledge: Knowledge of business principles, grammar, spelling, and basic arithmetic. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office software (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, Publisher).
  • Abilities and Skills: Must have excellent English oral and written communication skills; type with a high degree of accuracy at moderate rate (at least 45 wpm); proficiently use or operate common office and laboratory equipment; work effectively with the public and employees; must be able to effectively communicate with respect and diplomacy with a range of people from differing backgrounds, value systems, cultures, religious affiliations, and varying degrees of English-speaking and writing competencies; and Apply safe work practices. Must possess a valid driver’s license.
  • Citizenship and Other Requirements: Must be a US citizen, or have valid US Green Card, US Permanent Residency Card, Resident Alien, or other relevant US visa type that allows for residency and employment in the US and its territories. PIHOA does not cover expenses for passport and visa expenses. These will need to be valid and in good standing prior to employment. PIHOA reserves the right to conduct security checks on successful applicants.
Submit the following electronically with attention to Janet Camacho (, Deputy Director of Programs and Operations.
  1. Letter of Interest that outlines your overall qualifications and professional experience in response to the Primary Qualifications listed above;
  2. Resume/Curriculum Vitae; and
  3. Minimum of three (3) professional references – these references must be from current and past employment supervisors based on the last 8-10 years of employment.
For any enquiries related to this vacancy, please direct them to Janet Camacho at (